Photograph is for illustration purposes only demonstrating the hutch that this run fits. This listings is for a 2 metre run only and the house isn’t included. The run looks a bit wobbly in the photograph as only some clips have been used to put the run together to show all of the parts are present but there are many clips included to make the run very robust.

This is a two metre run that connects to the Omlet Eglu Go hutch. We to begin with brought our hutch with a one metre run but then used the larger two metre run in the summertime time to allow for more play space.

The 2 metre run has a side skirt all of the way around the run but no under floor mesh so that the guinea pigs can walk freely on the grass.

The run comes complete with a heavy duty cover complete with bungee hooks and numerous run clips.

The heavy duty cover measures 147cm by 168cm and offers protection from wind and rain and offers numerous shade in the summertime.

There are no hutch to run connectors included in this bundle but these can also be purchased from Omlet directly if in case you have not got any already.

Collection only from a village between Rugby and Coventry. The run is dismantled ready for collection.