Pet Nail Scissors Clippers ?
 Recommended for small dogs, cats & rodents

 Product length: 12 cm, Blade length: 6mm
 (Overall length – 12.6cm)

Maintain your pets healthy paws with these Stainless Steel Pet Nail Scissors.
Long-uncut nails may also be painful for pets and can lead to greater health concerns, so have these scissors on hand to easily and conveniently trim your pets nails to keep them healthy and happy.

When cutting your pets nails, you’ll want to don’t trim them too short to avoid cutting through veins in the nails

Pack Includes:
x1 Nail Scissors

Ideal for smaller dogs & other pets including rodents, not recommend for larger dogs with thicker nails.


? Stainless Steel Construction:
Durable & easy to clean for hygienic nail trimming

? Rounded Blades:
Fits round the pets nail for an accurate cut and reduce risk of slipping

? Comfortable to hold:
Anti-slip care for rings give a comfortable grip to you’ll want to don’t slip At the same time as cutting nails

There are several benefits of clipping your pet’s nails continuously:

Comfort At the same time as Walking
The length of your pet’s nails determines how comfortable they are going to be At the same time as they are walking. If they’re too long or overgrown you’ll have to care for a potentially serious health issue

Less Home Damage
Overgrown or long nails could damage your carpets or furniture. Long nails could also get stuck in sofa fabric or carpets and could easily tear off causing pain and could result in long-term damage

Less Injuries
Long nails can easily scratch your skin if you end up handling your pet and can also cause damage to their own skin when scratching

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